Thursday, October 25, 2012

Penguin Classics Clark Ashton Smith!!!

S. T. Joshi's new blog is up, and therein he announces that he will be editing a volume of CLARK ASHTON SMITH's poetry & prose for Penguin Classics!!!This is a project that he and Scott Connors have been working on, and although Penguin seem'd to lack enthusiasm for Smith, Sunand was persistent, & his patience paid off.  To read ye blog go to  This is simply wondrous news.


  1. Thanks for the CAS-heavy vids, Wilum!

  2. Awesome. The hardcover collected works of CAS were too expensive for me so I hope to get some interesting stuff from here. I have The Emperor of Dreams collection which I totally flipped over.

  3. Indeed wondrous news. However I won't be replacing my beloved vintage CAS paperbacks anytime soon...