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Got me ballot, voted for President Obama and in support of gay marriage.  I am now inclin'd to think that Romney may win, and that wou'd be fascinating--our first Mormon president.  It wou'd be interesting to see if Republicans in power wou'd try to ban all abortion, reinstate Don't Ask Don't Tell, &c &c.  It's all extremely fascinating.  I haven't any faith in the political sense of America--we are the country that voted for George W. Bush--twice.  I am almost entirely lacking in a sense of patriotism, and if I had the means I would move to Great Britain and become a citizen there, as did Henry James.  But I cannot be completely cynical concerning the human race, much as I am tempted to be, because I meet too many fine and intelligent people.  Still, I keep humanity at a distance.  I am a non-social recluse and my best friends are cats and books.  I grow so weary of politics, but I must admit that it felt delicious to vote again for the President.

I'm unable to attend church because I have to stay home as my mother's caregiver, so I've been ripped-off of the whole thrill in the church concerning the possibility of an LDS president.  I do love the idea of a Mormon in the White House, it wou'd annoy so many people, so many bigots.  My roots to the church go back to its beginning.  My British ancestors joined the church in England and then crossed over to Nauvoo and helped to build the original Nauvoo temple.  Then Joseph Smith was murdered and my ancestors made the treacherous journey with Brigham Young to what became Salt Lake City.  Having pioneer heritage gives one a certain kind of zing in the church.  I miss being active and long for the day when I can become a full-time Mormon once again.

I encourage y'all to vote!


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    Of course, I can't speak for your ward, but my ward has an understood truce. Most of the ward is Democrat and can't decide how much they dread a Romney presidency. The Republicans in the ward know better than to assume everyone will rah-rah with them. So we just don't talk about it that much.

    Me? I think Romney's fine, though I'm not sure about the guy he's claiming to be in this campaign. Not so sure about that guy. I don't think he would be a disaster, but overall I would prefer another four years of Obama.

  2. I just can't do it Mr. Wilum. I can't bring myself to vote for any of these clowns. Like I've said in the past, I respect your opinions and the way you choose to live your life. However, I just can't bring myself to vote for either one of these guys because I have no common ground with any of them.


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