Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Now In Print! Ia!!

The Strange Dark One--Tales of Nyarlathotep is now publish'd & available from my publisher, Miskatonic River Press www.miskatonicriverpress.com -- and will soon be available at Amazon, Amazon UK, and other sites.  The book will also be available as an ebook for those who prefer Kindle.  It seems that I've been waiting forever for this book to appear, but part of my anxiety is rooted in knowing that it is a book I have wanted to share with my readers for a long time--all of my (at the time we edited the book) best tales concerning Nyarlathotep.  This Outer God continues to fascinate me--I am hypnotized and captivated.  He will figure in the novel I hope to begin to write next month.  I do sincerely feel that this is one of my "special" books, and I hope all who read it enjoy it.


  1. Hi Mr. Pugmire,

    I just purchased a copy of your book "The Strange Dark One" from an online retailer (www.nobleknight.com). I very much look forward to reading it. I've not (yet) read any of your material, but my cruising of the internet informs me that I've been remiss in not adding you sooner to my growing list of Lovecraftian writers. I've seen some of your You Tube videos reviewing other books and such, and I've appreciated your comments and views very much. In fact, I just purchased the gorgeous coffee-table sized book by S.T. Joshi (HP Lovecraft - Nightmare Countries) based on your You Tube review. Anyway, keep on doing what you do!

    An appreciative reader - Brian C. from Massachusetts

    1. Many thanks! Yes, S. T.'s book is a beauty. Hope you enjoy my wee book, I think it has some of my better fiction. And Jeff's artwork is wonderful.