Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wee Video Update


  1. Hi Wilum

    My father died athis past year. For about 10 years he was in ill physical and mental health, but refused to take his medications, eat properly or get medical care. He let some lowlifes steal all of his retirement money and was in a very precarious, almost homeless state. When he was finally compelled to enter an assisted living home it was a godsend. For the last 3 years of his life he had a warm, safe bed, good food and good medical care. He ended up a respected neighbor with lots of friends and also was a bit of a social butterfly, choosing movies and leading discussions 2 nights a week. So these moves of parents away from their independence can actually be a good thing. There may be guilt but your mother can now have around the clock care, and this will end up easing a burden on your mind.

    1. "Assisted living" is such a wonderful, positive term. Your message has touched my heart. I know we're doing the best thing. She gets lonely with just me around, and freaks out when I get lost in trying to write and she can't see me and all is quiet. At the home she'll have people all around her and constant help and I am hoping it helps to improve her mental state. Thanks for a wonderful comment.