Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Wondrous New Beginning

This room, my mom's old bedroom, has been such a forlorn place ever since we took her to assisted living.  But this wonderful desk has ABSOLUTELY TRANSFORM'D the aura of the room, and it now feels, absolutely, like the place wherein I will write the remaining books that I am able to write during this lifetime.  The room has a new life, a new and marvelous function.  I can't thank Nick enough for assembling my desk, something utterly beyond my capabilities.  It is a source of personal shame that I am so bleeding helpless when it comes to the every-day things of life.  Now the responsibility of taking care of this house belongs to me and my companion--and that is rather terrifying!

I've been writing a number of Mythos Journal entries over at www.alt.horror.cthulhu -- a Google Group, and that link may not, probably won't, work.  The group has of late been assail'd by a pathetic anti-Joshi troll who insists that Joshi's Corrected Texts actual corrupt the authentic Lovecraft texts found in Derleth's Arkham House editions!!!  It has led to some heated discussions and childish name-calling (guilty....)  I am a Derleth fan big-time, and his book above, Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, was one of two books that convinced me I needed to become a Mythos writer; but those early AH texts of Lovecraft are a mess!!  Anyway, I'm trying to encourage more activity at alt.horror.cthulhu -- and RAMSEY CAMPBELL is a regular poster there!  Check it out.

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