Friday, January 18, 2013

Boy George Happy

Although busy with Culture Club -- preparing for a new World Tour and recording a new Culture Club album -- my soul-sister Boy George has another project called A Boy Called George, his performance and recording name for, if I understand correctly, electro-techno noise.  This new release, recorded with DJ Yoda (with whom I am unfamiliar) is quite superb.  It may be purchased as MP3 download at Amazon, and it on DJ Yoda's new album, CHOP SUEY.  What is especially rad is that George, after years of misery and mischief, does indeed seem to have found an inner peace, coming to terms with his celebrity and celebrating life as an outstanding creative artist.  And, girlfriend, he looks FAB!!!!

Also, his musical TABOO has returned to London, with new songs and an expanded book.  Although I hated the American Broadway version, which corrupted the genius of the original production, I love that original London version, which I have on dvd.  Keep on keeping on, Sister George!  We love and support you absolutely & forever!


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