Monday, January 14, 2013

Penguin Classics CLARK ASHTON SMITH!!!

Scott Connors (pictured above standing next to S. T.) has been assisting S. T. Joshi with contents selection for the forthcoming Penguin Classics edition of the poetry & prose of Clark Ashton Smith.  Scott has just announced their story choices at -- and I reprint them here:

Clark Ashton Smith
(Penguin Modern Classics, tentatively scheduled for early 2014 release)
The Tale of Satampra Zeiros
The City of the Singing Flame
The Holiness of Azedarac
The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis
The Demon of the Flower
The Weird of AvoolsWuthoqquan
The Double Shadow
The Disinterment of Venus
The Beast of Averoigne
The Maze of the Enchanter
Genius Loci
The Dark Eidolon
The Weaver in the Vault
The Death of Malygris
The Seven Geases
The Last Hieroglyoh
The Treader of the Dust

Scott adds:  "Along with most of the prose poems and a hefty sampling of poetry from all periods of his career (but not, alas, including 'The Hashish-Eater,' whose length would have meant eliminating too many other fine pieces) this book should ensure CAS' place in the canon."

Visit Ye Eldritch Dark forum to read the rest of Scott's post and the thoughtful comments it has elicited.


  1. I guess I want to get it but it really will able be very redundant to my library. I want Smith to get wider readership but I have to say the most interesting part for me will be any introductions or essays.

  2. I have H. P. Lovecraft in about ten or more different editions. I love having a variety of editions in my personal and work libraries, because I am always returning to HPL, as a fan and as an author in his genre of Lovecraftian weird fiction. And I am a sucker for Penguin Classics books. So, from an aspect of personal joy, this edition excites me. I'll buy two copies, one for my bedside stand and one of my work desk shelf. The added joy comes from seeing CAS in what one hopes will become a popular edition, an edition that will bring him hundreds of new readers and to the notice of reviewers, &c. And I'm a sucker for S. T.'s Introductions and annotations, what I devour like a greedy beast.

  3. It's about time!! We've gone far to long with out any serious CAS editions.

    this is wonderful news indeed.


  4. This is awesome. The table of contents looks great. I am very excited.