Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sesqua Valley's Mount Selta

Gwabryel just sent the above, one of his interior illustrations for Bohemians of Sesqua Valley.  It has left me rather breathless; many artists have depicted the white twin-peaked mountain of Sesqua Valley, but this drawing comes uncannily close to how I see the mountain in my imagination.  This drawing is for a story called "This Splendor of the Goat," a novelette that pays homage to Shub-Niggurath and ye Black Goat o' ye Woods with a Thousand Young.  The contents of the book (whut will be publish'd end of April by Arcane Wisdom Press and is now up for pre-order), is:
"In Memoriam: Robert Nelson," a prose-poem of 364 words, written in memory of a young suicidal poet who corresponded with H. P. Lovecraft.  This work appeared in ye Lovecraft eZine.
"One Card Unturned," a story of 9,000 word written in collaboration with Maryanne K Snyder and publish'd here for ye first time.  It concerns a tainted Sesqua Valley tarot deck.
"An Ecstasy of Fear," a novelette of 11,585 words.  It concerns a visitor to the valley, Sarah Paget-Lowe, who comes to ye valley to visit her gay poet chum, Akiva Loveman.  It sees its first publication herein.
"Unhallowed Places," a new prose-poem/vignette sequence of 9,500 words.
"This Splendor of the Goat," 10,535 words, original to this collection.
"A Quest of Dream," 5,000 words, a new tale concerning night-gaunts and ye place where Sesqua Valley's woodland touches the woods of Lovecraft's Dreamlands.
"The Strange Dark One," 14,000 words, reprinted from THE STRANGE DARK ONE--TALES OF NYARLATHOTEP, because I wanted the story to have a hardcover publication, and it fits perfectly with ye theme of this new collection.

I've kept the book wee because it is one of two limited edition hardcovers of my work to be publish'd this year, and I wanted to keep the price down.  I've had so many books publish'd these past two years, and who can afford to buy them all?  I really need to slow down, so I do.  The book to be published by Dark Regions Press at the end of this month, Encounters with Enoch Coffin, is a hefty 77,000 words of new original fiction.  I am nigh working on the next book, but I'm really taking my sweet time with it, in no rush to complete it and see it publish'd.

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