Monday, January 28, 2013


Had a fabulous time last night.  The ALA were in town over ye week-end for a convention, and the HWA played a large part in the proceedings.  Yesterday was "Horror Day," and many librarians worked their schedules so as to attend yesterdays panels and such.  So last night some horror people met for dinner at a fancy joint next to ye convention center downtown.  S. T. Joshi hates driving in downtown Seattle. and knowing that the lovely Sunni Brock was going to pick me up, S. T. drove to my pad so that Sunni could drive us both.  I took advantage of his being here to take ye above photo for my Facebook profile.  Unutterable Horror has been publish'd in two volumes by PS people seem to really like it thus far.  Of course it could not be complete in any way, as S. T. states, but it is a fascinating study.  Vol. 1 is "From Gilgamesh to the End of the Nineteenth Century," and Vol. 2 is "The Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries."

S. T. has so many projects.  He has edited a two-volume anthology of original fiction, The Madness of Cthulhu, for Titan Books, all-original fiction inspir'd in some way by H. P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of MadnessHe has another anthology of Mythos fiction, mostly reprints, forthcoming from Centipede Press, and is half-way finish'd assembling another anthology (of mostly non-Lovecraftian fiction, Searchers After Horror, for Fedogan & Bremer. 

Anyway, we had a lovely time last night.  I don't drink, and it is rather amusing watching people's tongues loosen as they drink more and more wine, and then their talk becomes scandal!!  Oh, my dears!--the stories I heard last night--none of which I can share....


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  1. Scandalous indeed. So great to see you, sweetie. Much love from us.