Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Up until now, the above jacket for SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT was my all-time favourite of all the covers for my books.  Matthew Jaffe's cover caught to perfection one of my personal favourite moments in the book, when a semi-mortal black witch, a woman with strange ancestral ties with Nyarlathotep, invades with mortal husk the Dreamlands, and there encounters the ghoul who was once Richard Upton Pickman.  She has brought a chunk of charcoal with her, and with it she writes Pickman's name upon a graveyard slab.  Matthew's depiction of this blew my mind--it was exactly right.

But I think--I think, my darlings--I think that I have a new favourite cover among my own books--for a book that is yet to be.  BEHOLD:

My mind is blown.  I knew that Santiago would give us something magnificent.  But I never dreamed this!!!! 


  1. Wow! That is cool. I got the El Horror de Dunwich illustrated by Caruso (on your recommendation). Great stuff. -Mike Cox

  2. Beautiful stuff, Willum! Worthy of its own Wikipedia entry ;-)

    And while we're on the subject, I imagine that if Wikipedia had existed in the 1930s some ignorant twat would've tried to take Lovecraft and his pulp cohorts down.

  3. Thank you, darlings. Some still try to mock Lovecraft because he was "merely" a pulp writer, and they howled protests when his work appear'd as a volume from The Library of America. The Wiki episode was very positive and encouraging for me. But I expect that anti-Pugmire troll will shew up somewhere else, he so overflows with passionate, poisonous hatred for fake writers like myself.