Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pow! Stomp!

Wikipedia is debating whether or not to delete my entry there.  According to the Internet troll who initiated the delete proposal, I am a wannabe writer with no authentic originality, the people who like my work are little more than "fan enthusiasts" and bloggers, and my publishers are fan and vanity presses of absolutely no professional worth.  Darlings, I'm just a joke!

This has been an extremely wonderful, positive and uplifting experience, because the reaction has reinforced my place in the genre of weird fiction.  I love this life, of living as a full-time professional writer.  I strive for excellence in my work.  But the real reward comes, first, from my magnificent publishers, who are so talented in bringing forth really beautiful editions.  I have no interest in big-time publishers as I feel that there is no commercial audience for my work, and I prefer the small press.  It is through the many brilliant small presses devoted to weird fiction that one can reach a core audience of those readers who actively pursue books such as mine.  I have been blessed with wonderful readers, and it is for them that I carry on.  I write for my fellow Lovecraftians and do the best I can in continuing the tradition of our ingenious Master, my Eternal Muse -- H. P. Lovecraft, Esq.

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