Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back to Work

I am finally feeling fairly rested and trying to get back to work on the new book that I am writing with my buddy David Barker, with whom I spent a charming afternoon this past Sunday.  We are working on a book that will have single stories by each of us, but the thing we are working on together is going to be a lengthy novella concerning Arkham horrors.

I also have a friend's novel to read so that I can interview him concerning it.  And I am writing a prologue to a wonderful story that one dear friend is expanded.  And many other things going on.  S. T. Joshi has completed editing his forthcoming anthology, Searchers After Horror, to be publish'd by Fedogan & Bremer, and for which I penned a new wee Sesqua Valley story; as soon as he gives the go-ahead, I will list its contents.  The book is going to be a sensational anthology.

I am still exhausted from so much social life, something that this eccentric recluse is not used to.  I prefer to stay home, where life is quiet and feels calm, reading and writing.  I shall have to rest well so as to prepare for the busy busy schedule of NecronomiCon Providence 2013 this August.  Gawd, how enrich'd life is when one is an obsess'd Lovecraftian!

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