Friday, May 24, 2013


Encounters with Enoch Coffin continues to be delay'd in regards to ye deluxe and trade hardcover editions.  Chris is doing all that he can, but is dealing with backlog from printer or binder, personal turmoil within Dark Regions Press, and more.  This is a very frustrating experience for me and Jeff, as authors--we want the book out and into your hot hands.  But, working with specialty houses and small presses, one gets used to this kind of thing.  I cannot imagine the work involved in having one's own publishing house, no matter how small, and I admire anyone who can accomplish it and retain sanity.  We've seen houses that once seemed so sturdy, like Arkahm House and Night Shade Books, suffer and come close to extinction.

But I love writing for the small houses, the independent publishers.  I love being a creature of ye Underground, and I have no desire to be publish'd by commercial houses.  If a book of mine reaches 500 readers, I am satisfy'd--if it reaches 1,000 readers, I am astonish'd.  I will remain faithful to the small independent houses.

Bohemians has just now been printed, and Larry will begin to ship copies next week.  Jeffrey Thomas and I have promised Arcane Wisdom Press first look at the Enoch Coffin novel we will begin to write later this year (I"ll be meeting Jeff for the first time in August at NecronomiCon Providence 2013.)  Unlike the first Enoch Coffin book, Jeff and I plan on writing a novel that isn't too heavily Lovecraftian--we want to experiment with doing something completely unique and our own.  I've try'd and try'd to write novels on my own, and have never succeeded.  Hopefully, with Jeff's able assistance, I can at last become a novelist.

The publishing house that was going to publish the book I am currently writing with David Barker is no more, and thus I have no idea to whom we will market the book.  David has written several individual tales for the collection, and we are presently working together on a novella set in Arkham.  I will then write some few shorter pieces for the book.

I am so looking forward to meeting some of you (many of you, I hope) in Providence this August!  I plan on being on lots of panels and doing one or two readings.  I also ache to explore the city, but that will be difficult because walking for me is rather painful.  Still, the lure of ye lanes in Providence will prove an irresistible lure.

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  1. Good to read that you are looking forward to ye NecronomiCon. Sorry I can't get there I know you'll have fun. Watch out for ye Shoggoths! Sending lots of energetic vibes in the hope you get some exploring done! On small presses, Centipede Press are still the marvel they ever were. Sad sign of the times that small presses are declining further with the online revolution. Modern technology can never replace the smell and feel of a book in print. Power to you for supporting the small with your work. You rock! G. ;-)=