Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I think of myself, as a writer, as a Lovecraftian.  Such terms as "professional," "fan fiction," "underground" -- they are things I throw around when describing my work; when I want to be playfully haughty I describe my books as "Lovecraftian fan fiction superbly penned by a semi-professional."  But the key word is Lovecraftian.  First and foremost, I am one of ye Lovecraft community of artists and fans who create works that are inspir'd by and pay homage to the genius of H. P. Lovecraft.  When I am surrounded by hundreds of Lovecraft fans, I am utterly in my element; & that's why I'll be in Eldritch heaven to-morrow when my sweet chum Greg drives me to Portland for the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhu Con.

When I began writing, I never envision'd a time when I work work exclusively on creating my own collections.  A book of my own?  A sweet dream--but dream only.  I figured that I wou'd always be a writer for the small press horror journals.  But nigh moft of those journals are a thing of ye past.  And I have become addicted to creating books of weird fiction, books that I create as a unite of connected stories.  The last book that I wrote has just been publish'd--and although I have yet to get my copies, my publisher, Larry Roberts, has posted about the book at his Miskatonic Books, where the book may be order'd. 

This is my first time seeing some of Gwabryel's artwork.  I asked that he illustrate the book because his magnificent style seems to match in mood and aesthetics my own work.  He has outdone himself with this book.  My mind is blown.  It is one of the pure ecstasies of being publish'd, to see your work beautifully brought to life by an illustrator.  Oh--the ecstasy buzzing in my blood!

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