Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ye Antique Queen has a New T-shirt!

One of ye sweetest birthday moments of the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival was being presented with ye official (there is no other that has my kiss of queenly approval) Wilum Pugmire t-shirt!  I was stunned and am so proud of this wonderful created by Sam and Nick.  The shirt may be purchas'd on ye SKURVY INK site, www.skurvyink.com
--and it is FABULOUS!!!!!!
  with Mike Davis of ye Lovecraft eZine, Sam McCanna of Skurvy Ink (who created ye shirt with Nick ye Hat Gucker) and ye Notorious bEAST, Joe Pulver.

with Lena Griffin and that amazing writer Cody Goodfellow

with Mike Davis of ye Lovecraft eZine, who did one hell of a great job capturing this year's HPLFF in photos and on video!


  1. Lots of cool T-shirts! So glad you're back and what a brilliant Festivel - in the truest sense a Cthuloid Celebration! Thank you for sharing all this - sorry I couldn't get there. One year soon, I hope. G. ;-)=

  2. The Singer saith of his Song by Francis Thompson (another sadly neglected Preston poet, known now only for "The Hound of Heaven")

    The touches of man's modern speech
    Perplex her unacquainted tongue;
    There seems through all her somgs a sound
    Of falling tears. She is not young.

    Within her eyes' profound arcane
    Resides the glory of her dreams;
    Behind her secret cloud of hair
    She sees the Is beyond the Seems.

    He heart sole-towered in her steep spirit,
    Somewhat sweet is she, somewhat wan;
    And she sings the songs of Sion
    By the streams of Babylon.

    (All poetry and prose should stand the test of reading-aloud)

    This from "An Anthology of 'Nineties' Verse" Edited by A.J.A. Symons (in imitation of the Yellowbooks, published 1928)

    This book comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to you Mr Pugmire - it's not expensive, either in Abebooks.com




    1. Wonderful!! Thank ye so much! I shall hunt for that book.

  3. You will enjoy it, I feel sure. There is verse in there from Aubrey Beardsley ; Lord Alfred Douglas ; Ernest Dowson ; Oscar Wilde ; Artur Symons and W. B. Yeats amongst others in thee illustrious Company! Good luck finding a nice copy - mine cost me £20uk (about $30us)
    Looking forward to "Bohemians of Sequa Velley coming out in paperback - at least I hope it does, I'm finding it too costly to buy all hardbacked copies these days and want to collect all your books.
    Keep smiling!

  4. wow,it looks very good, i also like the queen t shirt.