Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Unfortunate Oxford Edition of E'ch-Pi-El

I've given my copy of the book to S. T., & he will be coming over to my pad to discuss the book on YouTube.  Should be a --um er -- lively video, as Luckhurst is rather snooty toward the idea of Corrected Texts in his Notes.  Joshi told me, "I think I'll have lots to say about his notes".  Oh yeah....

Luckhurst himself comes across as a lovely chappie--too bad he fail'd miserably as an editor of Lovecraft.  Still, this Oxford edition, also available in Kindle, will bring Lovecraft to hordes of new readers, and should result in a growth of reviews concerning the man and his Work.


  1. Wilum, I can only agree. The wishes of a writer must be pre-eminent. When reading any writer, as an actor of the English school, I try to 'hear' the voice of the writer (whio is, after all the perfect narrator of the story) in my head. In this way it is as if I am ahving an intimate conversation with them and linking with their thoughts. A paragraph break, as intended by the writer, is there to give pause to that voice. It is a natural cessation of sound and different authors use the break to their own style and effect. HPL wrote swathes of text as if he were speaking directly to the reader (as shown in his many letters) without pause. That was his way. ST Joshi has done a sterling job relating directly to HPL's mss and is to be lauded and applauded for so doing. I am looking forward to hearing his comments on the Oxford editing. As you say, lovely he is being more recognised by the Literary 'establishment though and awarded an Oxford edition. I am ordering the delightful Centipede Press "Masters of the Weird Tale" version and look forward to finally getting that one! Sorry for the aeons long post! Best, G. ;-)=

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