Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a wee update

How curious.  There is a copy of ENCOUNTERS WITH ENOCH COFFIN for sale on eBay, for $249.99.  It says that it is a hardcover edition.  But the hardcover edition of the book has not yet been publish'd!!!!!  Oh, my long-delay'd book.  The trade hardcover will be available this month--at last.  I am still uncertain about the deluxe hardcover edition.  How on earth can a non-existent book be selling on eBay?  If they actually have a copy of the book, it will be the trade paperback, which is indeed out and selling at Amazon for $15,87, and on Kindle for $3.99.

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  1. Dear Wilum, look after you and the cute doggie and kitties. Enjoy the peace of your own world. Remember "Harlequin" by Phoebe Hesketh? I get so much peace from shutting the door to my mind and retreating. Thank you for so many good words and works. Ye Muse cannot be rushed or forced. She will walk quietly by you in contemplative moments. Silence holds the joy of remembrance. I look forward to hearing about NecronomiCon! Brightest blessings, G. :-)=