Thursday, July 4, 2013

Clark Ashton Smith fervor!

My magnificent amigo, S. T. Joshi, as moft of ye know, has used his magick powers to convince Penguin Modern Classics to publish an annotated edition of Clark Ashton Smith!!  I am extremely excited about this book and have posted three separate discussions concerning it at Amazon.  (The link for the discussions is so lengthy that I'll mess-up trying to type the thing here; to find the discussions, just Google "Clark Ashton Smith in Penguin Classics," and then you'll get a link to ye Amazon Discussions).  Of course, Amazon is invested with impotent troll freaks, those negative goons who have no life & thus spend their sorry days opposing those who have actually accomplished things in life; and the Amazon discussions have been infiltrated by an extremely freakish anti-Joshi troll (he is the same freakish loser who try'd to have my Wikipedia page deleted, but because he is an impotent troll freak of no significance, he fail'd utterly); happily, however, at Amazon one can vote "no" on comments that are troll-tainted, and when enough no votes are accumulated, the ignorant comments become hidden; & thus it is with the comments on my CAS discussions.  I cannot comprehend the mentality of troll freaks, especially they who negatively critique books they have never held.
On one of my discussions I have posted the entire original Contents for the Penguin book; but at ye last minute, Penguin decided that they wanted to include the lengthy and brilliant poem, "The Hashish-Eater," and that will mean that one or two of the stories planned for the volume will now be dropped so as to provide room for the poem.
          I am enthus'd about this Penguin edition of CAS for a number of reasons.  I know that the book will bring Smith to the attention of hundreds of new readers; but I am also hoping that the book will result in a wave of serious critical reviews concerning Clark Ashton Smith as an American poet of merit.  Smith's prose-poems are simply among the finest in that form in all of Literature, and my 1964 Arkham House edition of Poems in Prose is one of my moft cherish'd editions in my collection of Arkham House books.  (Indeed, I am reading ye book againe, in preparation of doing a YouTube vlog concerning it.)  The prose-poems will eventually see a new publication within a book being edited by Scott Connors for Centipede Press.  Scott discuss'd ye book is a video he did with S. T. Joshi; & although I have previously posted that video here, I think I shall post it again nigh.

Other excellent news concerning ye Penguin Modern Classics edition of CAS is that its cover illustration will be ye image to ye left, an illustration by Clark Ashton Smith!!  And because Penguin felt that many of their customers are unfamiliar with Smith, they have requested an Introduction of length, and thus S. T.'s intro & related matter comes to about 6,000 words.  The book is schedule for publication next year.  My moist palms ache to hold it.

The short stories, prose poems, & poetry of Clark Ashton Smith.  Edited, annotated, and with an Introduction by S. T. Joshi.  Penguin Modern Classics 2014.

I have a feeling that I will be pofting more and more CAS-related blogs here.  If you're not a Smith fan, I beg your patience.  Reading the ingenious works of Clark Ashton Smith is like imbibing of a rare and heady elixir--and I have grown intoxicated.


  1. Klarkash-Ton back in print from a major American publisher? Huzzah!

  2. Will--ye Library of America edition is still just a fantasy. It is something we are hoping for. But the wonderful Penguin Modern Classics edition will have wide distribution in America, I'm sure. Yes, it is a time for nameless celebration!

  3. That's wonderful news. Any idea on how much overlap the short stories will have with what was included on The Emperor of Dreams collection (Fantasy Masterworks)?