Saturday, July 27, 2013


This is fantastic.  People sometimes act as if S. T. wants to "own" Lovecraft the way that Derleth pretended to own HPL.  And that is nonsense.  No one else has done more, through his various scholarly anthologies, as editor of LOVECRAFT STUDIES and LOVECRAFT ANNUAL, to promote further study of Lovecraft's Life & Works than S. T. Joshi.  There is still so much more to discover, to contemplate, to ascertain.  New perspectives give new life to Lovecraft's brilliant fiction.  Although S. T.'s texts are close to definitive, there is yet more work to be done--we don't yet have perfect Lovecraft texts.  Lovecraft's fiction, major and "minor" tales, contain depths of genius, brilliance of imagination.  Not a day goes by when I don't return to a Lovecraft tale or poem, when I don't browse through his publish'd letters (I have just to-day begun a new re-reading of the Lovecraft/Wandrei correspondence).

And there is no end to Lovecraft's influence on we who pen Lovecraftian weird fiction.  My productivity has slow'd down, for a number of reasons; & yet my brain overflows with ideas for future stories, with themes for future collections of fiction & poetry.  As one of the rabid literary heirs, I know that the Old Gent From Providence will continue to inspire book after new book for as long as I am able to function as a writer.  That Is Not Dead indeed.

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  1. Absolutely. Now is the time of the "next phase". Ye must understand, first....