Wednesday, July 10, 2013



  1. We are all Children of the Universe, and connected as One in thee Abyss of Night. That being so, I am sending you healthy happy writery vibes - I know they will reach over the Great Dark Pond.... I just picked up "Gathered Dust" and am now hunting down thee Bohemians of Sesqua Valley. Look after yourself, you are a treasure in this Naughty World. G. ;-)=

  2. Thank ye, my sweet. I hope ye enjoy BOHEMIANS--I really loved writing that book, but I begin to fear that I may be repeating myself in regard to theme, motif, &c. I am in no hurry to finish another book, and want to really take my time on the two books I want to write next--a book of weird fiction inspir'd by the Works of Clark Ashton Smith, another inspir'd by the weird fiction (Mythos, spectral tales, &c) of August William Derleth. I'm going to go real slow and make these books the best they can be, even if it takes me five years.

    1. Take your time - life should be savoured - and Mr Derleth's own works need more focus and attention - he did the Weird World a favour with his promotion (Mr Wandrei falls into the same category) of Granpa. (Funny thing is, im my mind's eye I can quite vividly see HPL sitting in a rocking chair telling his grandkids his eldritch tales. I think it was C M Eddy's daughter Ruth who wrote of sneaking out of bed at midnight to hear HPL reading his tales to her parents). CAS' Tsathoggua and the Voormis of Hyperborea..... ia! ia! Your work is quality. Let it ever be so. Festina Lente. G. :-)=