Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ye Antient Track

The revised 2nd edition of THE ANCIENT TRACK will be publish'd next month by Hippocampus Press!  604 pages!  From ye HP site:

"The publication in 2001 of The Ancient Track: The Complete Poetical Works of H. P. Lovecraft, was a landmark.  For the first time, all of Lovecraft's 500 or more poems--including hundreds of Christmas greetings, untitled poems, fragments, and poems embedded in his published and unpublished letters--were gathered in accurate texts, with critical commentary and full bibliography.

"Since that time, a dozen or more poems or poetic fragments have been discovered by scholars and researchers, and this new edition prints these along with several other works of interest.  Poems that Lovecraft revised for various authors are included, along with (where extant) the original poems that served as the basis for the revisions.  The original versions of poems by Ovid, Horace, and other classical poets that Lovecraft translated are provided.  And the commentary and bibliography have been thoroughly overhauled.

"It can well be said that this second edition of The Ancient Track is the definitive collection of Lovecraft's entire poetic output.  It has been edited by S. T. Joshi, a leading authority on Lovecraft and the editor of Lovecraft's collected fiction, revisions, essays, and letters.

"The remarkable cover painting, The Sphinx and the Milky Way, was completed in 1946 by Charles E. Burchfiled (1893-1967).  Lovecraft admired Burchfield's work and spoke enthusiastically about it in his letters.  Reproduced by permission from the Charles E. Burchfield Foundation."

This is so well-timed for me, as I am working on poems of mine own to be read at NecronomiCon Providence 2013, one of which I will also be submitting to Jason Brock for his new anthology.

I am also re-reading my copy of ye Arkham House book, Poems in Prose, by Clark Ashton Smith, as I hope to do a video review of the book to-morrow evening.  I am in a very heavy Klarkash-Ton mood, whut I hope will infiltrate my imagination & result in some worthwhile new writing of mine own.  I have decided that the story I have been trying to write, which I wanted to set in Providence, shou'd nigh be set in Sesqua Valley.  With this new tale, I am inventing two new characters, a wild and sensual couple who delight in sexual magick and high mischief.  They are based on my sweet chums, Sunni and Jason Brock.  I think, if I can get into ye writing of it, it will be a fun wee tale to work on.  I am spending Saturday with Sunni and Jason and S. T., as we converge upon my isolated sweet sister, Jessica Amanda Salmonson.

with my sweet darlings, Sunni & Jason

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