Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NecronomiCon 2013

this was the "Writing Mythos Today" panel
at ye Masked Ball
awaiting Rev. S. T. Joshi to assume ye pulpit
I love this image of S. T.

H. P. Lovecraft in St. John's churchyard

with Jordan Krall, for whom I am writing my next weird tale


  1. Dear Wilum, I am glad you are back and safe. So sorry to hear of the robbery. Again, at least you are safe. It is sad that such degradation has tainted fair Providence especially at such a time as the NecronomiCon. At least you were wonderful tribute with your aesthetic finery and void-kissed words! Welcome back.

  2. ...and...W. H. Pugmire with a beard - how distinguished would that be! If you will allow me to say so, you are a wonderful decadent lovecraftian writer in your own right and the new you would suit perfectly the respect and gravitas you are now rightfully cultivating. We all of us change as time drifts on its inexorable path to the forever, allowing us to lay to rest that which is our own past. Can't wait to see how a beard would look - interesting! So glad NecronomiCon was a success - so many cool new books and stuffu. Enjoy the new you! G. ;-)=

  3. I have finally ordered my first book by you man,Fungal Stain and am looking forward to experiencing your creativity. Oh, by the way the t-shirt is awesome. How can I aquire one?