Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Here's a photo of E'ch-Pi-El braving cold weather and stalking ye snow at St. John's churchyard.  I will be holding a picnic there next week, a poetic picnic in Lovecraft's honor, where we will dine on doughnuts (Lovecraft's favourite breakfast--mine too...). cheese and crackers, and coffee ice-cream.  Then our little group will compose an acrostic sonnet in memory of Poe, as Lovecraft and his guests did in days gone by.  I visited this churchyard with S. T. Joshi and friends in October of 2007, and ye memory of it has stay'd with me & inspir'd various items of my writing over ye years.  Next week I get to spend over four days in Providence, attending what will be an epic gathering, NecronomiCon Providence 2013, & I am taking my wee travel diary to record, hour by hour, my time spent in the enchanted city.  For we who are obsess'd Lovecraftians, the very air of Providence contains a magical element.  To breathe that air as we walk ye lanes where Lovecraft walked and pause before the houses wherein he lived & wrote--GAWD!!!  It is going to be a tremendous experience.

at H. P. Lovecraft's high school

at 10 Barnes Street, where HPL wrote so many classics

a moment of inspiration within S. John's churchyard, 2007

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  1. Sorry to hear about Kitty. You made the right decision. Kitty is at peace now. You gave hir love and affection at the end and that is all that matters. I hope you have a great time in Providence next week - have some coffee ice cream for me - I'll be opening a can of baked beans in my English ancestral mansion (read bungalow!) in honour of HPL and thinking about you all. Wish I could be there. Let us know all the goss when you get back! A stanza from Phoebe Hesketh to wish you well in your journeying -

    This is the moment
    Poised lightly between
    The thought and the word, which is raised above earth –
    When the spring of a song
    Beats a tune in the heart
    Before the flood drowns it,
    Roars over the deep inarticulate ring.

    Enjoy NecronomiCon! Say hi to Nyarlathotep for me!

    All the best,