Saturday, November 9, 2013

new novella


  1. A bit quiet Wilum, I had to pump up the volume on my pc by at least you are all there! So looking forward to the new collectioon - and well done with the short novel collaboration! I have the Enoch Coffin pb but have just ordered a copy that was out there of the hardcover - looking forward to seeing the portrait of Enoch Coffin in all its fullness! The dagger paperknife is interesting - is there a story behind it? Your Auntie sounds a wonderful lady - I bet she had some tales! Hope you're resting and not finding things too stressful. A wet, rainy November when the day looks like the night over here in the UK! Brightest Blessings. G. ;-)=

  2. I have raised the recording levels for audio, so that should help. I bought the ritual dagger in an occult shop, to use in case I return'd to solitary witchcraft--which I haven't. It's a lovely relic, made in Spain. I like how the blue glow from ye laptop shimmers on ye blade.

    1. I agree about the light - especially when at the beginning of the clip thee light emanates from the space that should be your eyes. Emanating sublimity! Enoch Coffin arrived - and the hb is a wonderful production! Am soaking it in! Thank you for your work, it takes one beyond the borders of the mind like good absinthe. I too have a ritual dagger and am clearing stuff now to return to my own solitary practice. May the Audient Void be ever receptive to your words. G. ;-)=