Wednesday, November 20, 2013

wee update

David and I finish'd our short novel, "The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal," and thus our book of stories is completed, and we will be sending it to our publisher, Dark Renaissance Books, at ye end of December.   I wasn't planning on having a new book out next year, but this one kinda crept up on me.  I thought I'd have to write another six or seven new things to fill it out, and I am simply not in a writing mood; but then I found things from anthologies and the Lovecraft eZine that cou'd serve as my other stories for the book, and I have one unpublish'd item that I also added.  We are calling the book SPECTRES OF LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR.  It will probably first be publish'd as limited and deluxe hardcover editions, and then in paperback and Kindle.

I've completely lost interest in writing for now.  I've written too many books in too short a time, and I'm exhausted and bored with it.  I could force myself to work on things, but I don't want to write just for the sake of writing--I want to write because some idea compels me to give it fictive life.  My idea of writing a book of tales set in Providence has completed faded away, from lack of interest & inspiration. So I have a feeling that the writing I do for the next few years will be strictly for anthologies.  I have an idea that I want to write for S. T. and submit to Black Wings V, and I have promis'd stories to Mike Davis and Lois Gresh for anthologies they are editing.

Over the past couple of years I have written gobs of stories for anthologies, the title to moft of which I have now forgotten.  It's funny cos I'll suddenly hear that a book is out with a wee thing of mine that I have completely forgotten writing.  Anthologies that I do remember are moftly those edited by S. T. Joshi.  My friend Jessica and I have a story set in Arkham that will appear in Black Wings III--a story that is decadent to ye core & will hopefully shock and appall many readers and lead reviewers to dismiss the story's authors as "sick degenerates."  I also have a new Sesqua Valley story in S. T.'s forthcoming anthology, Searchers After Horror.

Then, for Black Wings IV, S. T. has accepted a story inspir'd by ye bottle I hold in ye photo above.  This is one of ye bottles crafted by Joe Broers, that he was selling at NecronomiCon--the bottles containing souls that were featured in E'ch-Pi-El's "The Terrible Old Man."  Joe presented me with ye bottle above at the convention, & is feels so weird and wonderful to hold it and gaze at ye swinging pendulum therein.  I find this creation so magical that I simply had to write a story about it, set in Kingsport.

So that's life at ye moment.  After Thanksgiving, whut I am spending with family, I begin ye task of looking for an actual job.  I miss, very much, employment, having a job and a steady paycheck, being part of a work team, and all of that.  I had to give up working my job at ye pizza joint cos the work became too strenuous for my health--I suffer from congestive heart failure.  Luckily, my church has an employment assistance centre, and there they find work for unemploy'd Mormons, even jobs with on-ye-job training.  So hopefully I'll have something before ye end of the year.

Shalom, my darlings.


  1. I sounds like everything is in hand. Good Luck with your job hunt and I shall look forward to reading your new stories in the new year.

  2. The Muse is a fickle being - She will not be forced. All good writing (that which inspires, makes the reader feel something, touches the soul), is itself inspired by the breath of a whispered word or a feather lying on the street. She cannot be seeked out, but will grace the intuitive spirit with Her presence when it is least being sought. Good luck with the job hunt and take time to be you. I am also looking forward to the new collaborative collection! Keep smiling through! G. :-)=