Tuesday, November 26, 2013


photo art by WILLIAM HART
Weird Tales Online has just to-day pofted a wee interview with moi, and may be found at www.weirdtalesmagazine.com.  As a Lovecraftian author, I have a special fondness for Weird Tales, the magazine wherein Lovecraft found his primary professional success when he lived.  To be connected to or with the magazine feels like a living link with E'ch-Pi-El, and those psychic links give the Lovecraftian writer a kind of emotional joy and solace that is difficult to explain or rationalize.  So to have this interview up on the magazine's website feels extraordinarily wonderful.  I've sold to ye magazine but once, when they publish'd a story I co-wrote with Maryanne K. Snyder as ye lead story to issue #348 (January 2009).  That rocked my world!


  1. Great interview! Such a lovely opener too. Well deserved. You are in great and illustrious company! :-)= G.