Thursday, December 5, 2013


I have semi-retired from writing as I begin looking for full-time work.  Looking for work is so different from what it used to be, everything is done online.  I have a wonderful resource in the LDS EMPLOYMENT RESOURCE SERVICES provided by my church.  I have an appointment with a fellow there on the 11th, and then a full-day workshop on the 18th.  I feel a bit anxious about looking for work, because I am over sixty and have congestive heart failure.  Who will hire me?  But one must try or die.

My writing plans for the next few years will be to write for an occasional anthology if I have time & inspiration.  I want to spend the majority of my free time, in these latter years, reading books.  I have so many books that wait to be read.

But the writing has been a wonderful experience.  I am proud that I have accomplish'd my goal to establish myself as a Lovecraftian author.  It was wonderful to be interview'd on WEIRD TALE's online site.  As a Lovecraftian, I feel a very solid connection to Weird Tales, the magazine with which HPL is so intimately associated.  And now, to-day, the Lovecraft eZine will post their Pugmire tribute issue--a thing that blows my mind.  I so appreciate the attention given to my work.  My goal as an author has been to write stories that would delight Lovecraftians, and this issue of the eZine suggests that I have succeeded in this.  It's been a thrilling and joyous experience, to write my wee tales and be publish'd in book form.  My eternal thanx to all who made it possible--publishers, editors, artists, readers.  The Pugmire issue will be available for reading free or purchasing for your Kindle some time to-day at

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  1. Thank YOU Wilum for your stories of Lovecraftian decadence. They remain (and always shall) a wonderful legacy. Your prose poetry sits up there with HPL and Clark Ashton Smith. Sesqua Valley is your haunt of haunts. I wish you luck in the job search. Rejoining the crazy world of work where everything practical becomes so important is tricky, but a mind such as yours combined with your caring nature must surely find a niche in this strange 3D world we call Life. We will ever look forward to your "Special Guest" appearances as Grande Dame of Sesqua Valley at Wildean Horror soirees! May the Universe enfold you and guide you in peace and love. G. ;-)=