Thursday, January 16, 2014

Devil Babies of ye World Unite


  1. Enoch Soames was a character in "Seven Men" by Max Beerbohm - a decadent absinthe-drinking writer, son of a Preston publisher, who at the Cafe Royal in 1897 sold his soul to the devil for a chance to return 100 years later to the British Museum round reading room to see whether his works were stilll remembered. According to his Wikipedia entry, "at 2:10 PM, on 3 June 1997, a person meeting Soames description mysteriously appeared, and began searching through the catalogues and various biographical dictionaries. A few dozen minutes later, he slipped out of sight of the watching crowd, and disappeared among the stacks." Ah, vanity! Enoch Coffin rocks as a name, though! G.

  2. ...I am looking forward to seeing the new novella! I love the fact it will be a collaboration - it always intrigues me to wonder wgicg parts were penned by which author - much as I enjoy the puzzles of Lovecraft's own collaborations. Glad you are writing again! G.