Sunday, January 19, 2014


S. T. sent an email to say that he hopes to begin a new journal devoted to weird poetry and prose-poems.  I have long been wanting to get back to regular verse experimentation, but other projects keep me busy with other things; so this is nice, because it gives me a solid reason to write poetry for publication.  I've been
pre-occupy'd, these past few years, with the writing of prose poetry, the huge result of which was an entire book of prose-poems inspir'd directly by the entire sonnet cycle, Fungi from Yuggoth, by H. P. Lovecraft, my book being Some Unknown Gulf of Night, whut I consider ye finest book I have yet compos'd.  So I am dipping once again into the brilliant poetry with which our weird phantasy genre has been graced, by artists such as Donald Wandrei, Clark Ashton Smith, and Donald Sidney-Fryer.  How exciting, to think that in March we will have an edition of Clark Ashton Smith from Penguin Modern Classics, in which will be found some of the verse and prose-poems!  Hippocampus Press, last year, publish'd a new, revis'd edition of H. P. Lovecraft's poetry.  And now, with luck, we will have an actual journal, publish'd twice a year, devoted to weird verse.

Things here have been quiet and depressing--moftly because I am lost when it comes to knowing how to begin looking for a real job.  I feel doom'd to failure, because so many others are out of work, and I feel that being over sixty and suffering from congestive heart failure makes it less likely that someone will want to give me a job when there are so many others, younger and in good health.

But I have been keeping busy with writing projects.  I have written two new things that I have submitted to ye Lovecraft eZine.  The short novel, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, that I wrote with David Barker for our forthcoming book, Spectres of Lovecraftian Horror, is now going to be publish'd separately as its own book by Dark Renaissance Books, probably in March or April.  David and I will now work on four or five new Lovecraftian collaborations, and Spectres will then be publish'd next year with far more original work that was planned.  I've been invited by Weird Tales to submit fiction to the magazine, and I have sent them a wee tale for their forthcoming Ice-themed issue ~~ and how thrilling it will be for me if they accept it!  And I've promis'd tales to three or four forthcoming anthologies.  Thus, I have not been idle.

I hope this finds ye well, my darlings.  Shalom.


  1. Wilum, there is a strange joy in the eternal Danse Macabre your words weave in the mind as they leap the synapses to create unseen vistas of worlds beyond. Thank you for "Some Unknown Gulf of Night". An inspired piece that inspires still. 'We are that we are, not what we do... I am that I am and you are you.' I forget which poet said that, but in the long search for life and some kind of meaning-full existence we are but the sum of all we have been. You are a wordsmith, forging dreams in words. I know this don't pay the bills, but you are so well thought of for all your work. Thank you. Brightest blessings. G. :-)=

  2. " I've been invited by Weird Tales to submit fiction to the magazine, and I have sent them a wee tale for their forthcoming Ice-themed issue ~~ and how thrilling it will be for me if they accept it! "

    YES³!!!!!!!!!!! :-)