Tuesday, January 21, 2014

new stuff

I went to Amazon to check the price of the original 1979 edition of this marvelous study of H. P. Lovecraft, Esq., & found to my surprise a NEW EDITION of this outstanding book!  It was publish'd IN PROVIDENCE last summer as part of the NecronomiCon Providence convention.  I had no idea!!!  The book was selected by Thomas Ligotti as serving as Introduction to the Centipede Press Lovecraft edition in their MASTERS OF THE WEIRD TALE series.  (Please note that the edition of the Lovecraft Masters of the Weird Tale that I shew in the video below differs in some ways from the one being currently offer'd by Centipede Press.)  The Amazon description describes this new edition as being a corrected text, so it may differ in some slight ways from its earlier version.  I have just order'd it.  Again, this is my all-time favourite single study of Lovecraft's weird fiction, and I highly recommend it!  It

I'm trying to upload an actual video on YouTube with the book's author, but thus far this place ain't making it possible.  I shall continue trying.  The name of the video on YouTube is "WaterFire presents H. P. Lovecraft: New England Decadent" . . .



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