Saturday, February 1, 2014

New E'ch-Pi-El series from PS Publishing!

PS Publishing [] will bring out ye first of several wee volumes of Illustrated Lovecraft next month.  The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath will be a jacketed hardcover of 160, with jacket and interior art by Pete Von Sholly, and with a new Introduction to ye novella by S. T. Joshi.  The text will be that of S. T. Joshi's Corrected Text as has appear'd in ye current Arkham House and Penguin Classics editions.  Many volumes are planned for the series, but whether or not they will include Lovecraft's entire oeuvre remains to be seen.  One of the great joys of my life is to see Lovecraft's weird fiction illustrated, and although I was not at first too keen on Von Sholly's style, I'm becoming a fan (although I really don't care for his jacket illustration for S. T.'s The Assault of Chaos, finding it too "busy" and too cartoonish).  This first volume in ye series in available for pre-order.  Both Pete and S. T. were awarded ye
World Fantasy Award last year--appropriately, a bust of Lovecraft fashion'd by Gahan Wilson.  I have long wanted to have a series of small editions, or even single editions, of Lovecraft's tales, as I am forever returning to these stories, for inspiration and pure enjoyment, and love to have them in a variety of different editions.  So--really looking forward to this series.

I am doing ye preparatory work on a new Sesqua Valley novelette, that I will be collaborating on with my buddy David Barker (our co-author'd novella, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, will be my next book, to be publish'd in a few months by Dark Renaissance Books as limited edition illustrated hardcover).  I plan on setting the story in 1933 and referencing the 1925 world-wide epidemic of dreams & madness caused by ye rising of R'lyeh.  It's difficult to express the poignant peace of mind I experience whenever I return to Sesqua Valley creatively, or really whenever I return to the realm of Lovecraftian phantasy and horror as an artist.  It is a keen emotional experience, intensely felt.  It is fraught with as much fear as it is with ecstasy--because you always fear that the final results can in no way measure to what ye want to accomplish as an artist.  You do what ye can, and hope that is will stand as an authentic and original tribute to the genius of H. P. Lovecraft.  You wish, above all else, that the new thing will please other Lovecraftians, those souls for whom you write, whom you want to delight and satisfy.It is the work of writing that gives me the deepest pleasure, getting lost in that activity of writing, becoming lost in the tides of expression and vision.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
for ye forthcoming edition of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," with illustrations by Pete Von Sholly

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