Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pieta of Innsmouth

I have been brooding all day about this new tale I am preparing to write, "The Imps of Innsmouth."  I want to mention the waterfall in the middle of Innsmouth, where the Manuxet River runs through the city, which I can easily visualize, having witnessed the exact same kind of waterfalls running through the downtown section of Spokane, Washington:

I am bringing in the church of St. Toad's--from Lovecraft's sonnet--to Innsmouth; and therein my main character will find an eldritch pieta.  The woman holding ye dead thing will have ye Innsmouth look, but the creature that she holds, smallish in size, will be utterly inhuman in outline, like some stunted inhuman gnome.  I want to suggest that Innsmouth has a secondary race of non-human creatures, something suggestive of Machen's little people, denizens of the mud.  St. Toad's, exterior and interior, will be Gothic and sinister in ye extreme.

The idea for the story is still nebulous.  I want my main character to be a woman who is haunted by mystic memories arous'd by what she discovers in St. Toad's, and how a circular emblem on the tower of the edifice matches in design a medallion of white jade that she wears attached to a silver necklace.

Going to try and keep the story to 3,000 words.  I want to use it so as to conjure the sinister aura of shadowed Innsmouth, the pull of the tides in one's blood-stream, the hoary unearthly age of the abandoned buildings on one's haunted eyes.  It must evoke the nature of Innsmouth that keeps outsiders from visiting it.  We shall see how I succeed.

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