Monday, March 10, 2014

new bedchamber


  1. Sir, you look so much more 'at home' in there than in your old room... sunnier, too. I especially like the fact Michael Cisco has found a place in there with Lovecraft, Poe and Jesus. I must re-read Mr. Cisco's works. They are weird. I have ordered the Centipede Press Michael Shea collection thanks to your recommendation yesterday. I can't wait to read it. I am converting a back room into a writery study bedroom as a retreat - we all need a cave. When I was a boy I used to make dens inside of cardboard boxes in my Gran's back yard. You look cosy in there. Keep well. G. ;-)=

    1. I hope ye enjoy the Shea volume, I think it's superb, and so gorgeous in design and art selection. Yes, the new room is a wonderful change, I'm sleeping much better, can sit in bed and read by natural light, and my music is up close rather than far away on ye other side of the larger room. It's too cozy in some ways, I want to stay in there and relax rather than move into ye work room and write.....

    2. ...yet people always say it is better to separate rooms by use if you can. HPL used to eat, sleep, live and breathe the one room but could write in secluded bowers out of doors when the weather allowed. Good luck with ye new novel. G. :-)=