Monday, March 31, 2014


S. T. has mention'd this book in many of our vlogs together, and I think he is especially excited about it.  As he points out, despite the book's title being taken from a Lovecraft tale, the anthology is not Lovecraftian in nature, although there are some few Lovecraftian tales in it.  The theme of the book is "the Weird Place," those pockets of eerie that haunt our globe, seldom found but never forgotten once stumbled upon.  There will be two hardcover editions, the regular trade edition for $30.00, and the deluxe signed edition for $110.


Introduction by S. T. Joshi
Iced In, by Melanie Tem
At Home with Azathoth, by John Shirley
The Girl Between the Slats, by Michael Aronovitz
The Patter of Tiny Feet, by Richard Gavin
At Lorn Hall, by Ramsey Campbell
Blind Fish, by Caitlin R. Kiernan
An Element of Nightmare, by W. H. Pugmire
The Reeds, by Gary Fry
Crawldaddies, by Steve Rasnic Tem
Three Dreams of Ys, by Jonathan Thomas
Willie the Protector, by Lois H. Gresh
Miranda's Tree, by Hannes Bok (newly-found unpublish'd tale)
The Beautiful Fog Ascending, by Simon Strantzas
Exit Through the Gift Shop, by Nick Mamatas
Going to Ground, by Darrell Schweitzer
Dark Equinox, by Ann K. Schwader
Et in Arcadia Ego, by Brian Stableford
The Shadow of Heaven, by Jason V Brock
Flesh and Bones, by Nancy Kilpatrick
The Sculptures in the House, by John D. Haefele
Ice Fishing, by Donald Tyson.

With jacket art by Richard Corben and interior illustrations by Rodger Gerberding.

There will hopefully (although we are not certain) be copies of the book at this year's H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon, happening in Portland, OR. on April 11-13.  Many of the book's authors will be at this year's World Horror Convention, taking place in Portland, OR. May 8-11, and at that convention will be held an official book launch, where all of ye authors attending will behave in a manner fitting of weird writers...

But why wait, my darlings, when ye can pre-order it at RIGHT NOW!!

My own story is a new Sesqua Valley story, keeping with ye theme of the Weird Place.  Searching after horror is a common theme in my Sesqua tales, either with sad innocents coming to the valley on their own, in search of wonders or links to ye Outside, or with characters such as Simon Gregory Williams, who is always going on journeys around ye globe, searching for those queer pockets of ye earth that are haunted by horror.  I consider "An Element of Nightmare" one of the finest Sesqua tales I have yet written.

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  1. Awesome! Cannot wait to see it: We're in this together!! XOXO

    --Jason V Brock