Thursday, March 27, 2014

Y'know, when I began writing, it was just for the small press horror journals.  I loved it, there was a real sense of family with editors, publishers, other writers.  I never even considered ye possibility that I wou'd have a book of my own publish'd.  Now I've lost track of how many books I've publish'd.  Ten?  The new one, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, will be ready soon, and we will have a special trade pb edition out in time
for World Horror Convention in April in Portland, OR.  Both David Barker and I will be there to sign copies.  I'll be staying Thursday and Friday only, cos my ride home, S. T. Joshi, has to leave Saturday so as to be home in time to sing with his choir.  But two days of a big convention is usually plenty of convention for me, anti-social freak that I be.

I was working on a wee novel, In the Gulfs of Dream, but last night I got really tired of it, and I realized that I was trying to turn a novelette idea into a novel.  I am going to finish the story at 10,000 words and then hand it over to David so that he can expand and revise it to novelette length, and then it will be one of our new stories for next year's book, Spectres of Lovecraftian Horror.  I've also started working with S. T. on my second book for Centipede Press--a book that is many years away since Jerad has so much to publish beforehand, and I need time to write some kickass new stuff.

Had a great time with S. T. Joshi and ye gang last night -- with one exception.  We did some vlogs on YouTube.  The first vlog had me and S. T. shewing his new edition of Clark Ashton Smith from Penguin
Classics.  It's such a fabulous, historic book!!  S. T., during the recording of ye video, did a reading of the poem that CAS wrote in memory of H. P. Lovecraft -- and S. T. got so emotional at ye end of the reading he began to weep softly, if was fucking incredible and moving.  But, just as we were finishing ye video, I lost Internet Connection.  I couldn't figure out how to let YouTube save what we had recorded and so ye video was lost forever.  S. T. was discouraged and said we'd try again on April 11, the day when he drives us to Portland for the Lovecraft Film Festival.  However, this morning he sent an email saying that he doesn't want to wait that long and he'll be coming over this week-end and we'll try to record the video a second time.  This time I'm gonna wear extra tough waterproof mascara, just in case we gets emotional.........


  1. Even as a Weird reader (take it how ye will!) I could feel the camaraderie in the small press, although I came to reading them only recently, some 20-30 plus years after most small presses started. I know that I do not know anyone personally in the Weird Community, but Wilum, your vlogs and blog entries with ST and Jason Brock and co always make me feel 'part of the extended family'. This Sunday is Mother's Day here in the UK and I feel every advert for it (yes, they advertise the day on TV these days). I shall be taking flowers to her tree in the crem Sunday morning. She was the last of my close family but I know my love for Lovecraftian horror has brought me the blessings of a joyous community. Thank you especially for all your writings. I like nothing better than curling up in front of a roaring gas fire and diving headfirst into the mists of Sesqua Valley. Can't wait for the new book - and Jerad of course upholds the great publishing end of the Family. Ye Tangled Muse II.... what will be in that - exciting! Shalom and blessings. G. ;-)=

  2. Thank ye, darling! I miss my mother every day. She was difficult, but she had such a presence, and living here in her house, with all of her things (I've kept the house looking as she decorated it), she is still "here" in an emotional way. At times, when I am sitting reading in ye living room, I am suddenly OVERWHELMED with that sense of loneliness that comes from her absence. It was the hardest job I ever had, being her live-in caregiver for the last four years of her life.

    S. T. and I are working on the next Centipede Press book, but it is a long way off, Jerad has so many other books to publish first. It will contain the new 40,000 word version of SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT. I'll be reprinting "Unhallowed Places" from BOHEMIANS OF SESQUA VALLEY but will add 10.000 words of new text. And I hope to write a significant amount of new stories for it. Gonna take my time and make it as fabulous as possible.

    1. Thasnk you for your kind words. My mother could be difficult at times and we didn't speak much but of course the love betwain mother and son is still there. I scattered yellow roses (her favourites) round the willow tree where her ashes were respectably scattered last year. Some Unknown Gulf of Night is one of my favourite books - I missed the hardcover but the paperback is so well produced and I love the artwork. It will make a wonderful inclusion in the new CP book! All the very best. G. ;-)=