Thursday, April 3, 2014

CAS-inspir'd collection feebly begun

I have, for years, ached to write a book inspir'd by ye brilliant fiction and poetry of Clark Ashton Smith.  The thing that stopped me from doing so is a feeling that I wou'd merely write a book of stories that were more Lovecraftian than Smithean.  With the publication of S. T.'s Penguin Classics edition of Smith's work, my resolve to write my own book hath increas'd.  I have nigh written a very rough first draft of the book's first story, "Some Hidden Rift of Ruin" (the title is from "The Treader of the Dust").  One thing I don't wish to do is set my stories in any of Smith's fantastic realms.  Rather, I want to invent my own kingdom in ye Ashton Smith tradition.  I have done this, I think (I cannot clearly remember the story) with a story that was publish'd in Weird Fiction Review, naming my kingdom Khroyd'hon, after the "dream aspect" of Ssequa Valley's Mount Selta.  My own setting will be an expanded and fantastical reinvention of Sesqua Valley as a Smithean locality.  The white twin-peaked mountain will be red and far more actively daemonic.  I will have wizards and mummies and witches, and sorcery up ye arse.

I think, this time, after so many false starts, I am determined to write this book, although I have no set schedule or timeline for its completion.  I want to enjoy this delicious project to ye full, and thus I will take me time, aye.  Of course, because I am unstable in all my ways, in writing ye polish revision of this first story, I am going to add a wee Lovecraftian node, as I want to submit ye tale to S. T. for Black Wings V.........


  1. That sounds magickal. I always thought yer prose had a touch of Smith in there, very interested to see what you do in full-blown CAS mode!

  2. I always thought Sesqua Valley had a 'Dream aspect' - a red daemonique twin-peaked mountain - oh, there MUST be the equivalent of Simon Grerory Williams.... or his own dream aspect - now that will be something! Ooh, I'm excited for ye and so glad ye Muse is with thee! As Clark Ashton Smith had it in "The Star Treader" - 'Who rides a dream, what hand shall stay!' Ride on fair wanderer! So exciting! You rock! Enjoy thee week end! G ;-)=