Friday, April 4, 2014

LOVECRAFT ILLUSTRATED soon to crawl forth from PS Publishing! Ia!!

Now, as many of ye know full well, I am a very serious Lovecraftian.  When it comes to H. P. Lovecraft as an author, y'all better shew him some respect.  Thus, when I first began to witness ye artwork of Pete Von Sholly, I was confused and slightly annoy'd.  I mean, I digs me artwork that illustrates these stories that I love so much -- but this artist had such a perverse sense of whimsy that rather disconcerted me.  And when I look at ye above spread from THE DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE, one particular illustration evokes from my antique lips a soft murmur of, "oy gevalt...."  But I can say with all honesty that I have become a fan.  And I became so excited when PS Publishing [] announc'd their initial nine volumes of LOVECRAFT ILLUSTRATED, I was delighted.  I became really excited, and I arranged with S. T. Joshi (who has written new Introductions for all nine volumes) to buy the series directly from him when he got his extra copies.  Then I got invited to write essay for some few volumes, and thus I get free contributor copies of all nine volumes, Yok-Sotot!!    Speaking of Yog-Sothoth:

I am overjoy'd to be a part of this series.  I love essays concerning the fiction of E'ch-Pi-El as much as I adore artwork that illustrates it, and for some of these volumes, the books will be filled out with essays old and new concerning the story of that particular volume.  I have written new original essays for THE CALL OF CTHULHU, THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE, and THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME; & for THE DUNWICH HORROR, one of my old essays from TALES OF LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR will be reprinted.  The first three volumes, soon to be available, will consist of THE DREAM-QUEST OF
UNKNOWN KADATH, THE DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE, and THE DUNWICH HORROR.  The text for each tale will be the Corrected Text of S. T. Joshi.  Looks like a fun series, wee volumes that overflow with colourful artwork and scintillating critical essays.  Go ye to PS Publishing, bitches, and order!

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  1. I have pre-ordered Kadath - one of my favourite Lovecraft tales - I love the weird fantasy of it and look forward to seeing how the illustrations match up. I probably won't be able to aford the whole series, but I will try - it is so important to keep these tales fresh with new artistic interpretations. Everyone colours their dreams after their own fashion. Mine are filled with Arabian silks and Japanese shoji screeens! Your words are totally respected as a weird Lovecraftian and I am so pleased you have your essays included in these wonderful books! All thee beast, G. ;-)=