Sunday, May 11, 2014

In Remembrance Edgar A Poe

I love how Julia reads my work!  This is such a fine recording.

And speaking of Poe!!!

Victoria Price, the daughter of actor Vincent Price, was a guest this past week-end at WHC.  I stopped by her table in the dealer's room to tell her how much I loved her father's films, and she asked if she could take my photo.  I picked up one of the items she was selling to pose with, I believe it's the blue-ray collection of her dad's Poe films.  I can't BELIEVE I forgot to ask about her father's stage portrayal of Oscar Wilde, and if it had ever been recorded!!!
Vincent Price on stage as Oscar Wilde

I had a great time at the convention, especially hanging out with my co-author DAVID BARKER, with whom I wrote my newest book, THE REVENANT OF REBECCA PASCAL.  Our wee book made its debut at the convention, and sold rather well, especially the limited edition hardcover.

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  1. Thrilling that your book sold well! Dagny