Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hippocampus Press  []  is offering a one year subscription of SPECTRAL REALMS at ye discount price of $25 for two issues.  The first issue is soon to be publish'd, & here is its exciting Contents:


Spectral Province, by Wade German
As Told to My Infant Grandchildren, by Phillip A. Ellis
Omens from Afar, by Phillip A. Ellis
Fairy Song, by Darrell Schweitzer
Night Stalker, by Michael Fantina
Miranda, by Michael Fantina
Titan, by Michael Fantina
Seasonal Affective Disorder, by Richard L. Tierney
The Asteroid, by Richard L. Tierney
Emeraldesse, by Leigh Blackmore
In Splendor All Arrayed, by Leigh Blackmore
Lines on a Drawing by Hannes Bok, by Leigh Blackmore
Museum Piece, by Oliver Smith
The Hidden God, by Adam Bolivar
Necromancy, by Kyla Lee Ward
Fortune Teller, by Carole Abourjelli
Awakening, by Carole Abourjelli
The Stomach Only Tries, by Marge Simon
The Witches' House, by Margaret Curtis
Carathis, by Ashley Dioses
Horror, by Ashley Dioses
Kiss the Stars, by Ashley Dioses
A Weird Tale, by Charles Lovecraft
Night Visit, by Charles Lovecraft
Afrasiab Down the Oxus, by Charles Lovecraft
Black Wings, by Ian  Futter
Statues, by Ian Futter
Pursuit, by Ian Futter
White Chapel, by Kendall Evans
The Stars' Prisoner, by D. L. Myers
The Thing on the Mountain, by D. L. Myers
Beneath the Ferny Trees, by David Schembri
Old Graveyard in the Woods, by Jonathan Thomas
The Laundrymen, by Ann K. Schwader
A Carcass, Waiting, by Jason V Brock
Climate of Fear, by Ann K. Schwader
The Meromylls of Lake Lurd, by Donald R Broyles
Nocturnal Poet, by K. A. Opperman
Siren of the Dead, by K. A. Opperman
The Angels All Are Corpses in the Sky, by K. A. Opperman
Sea Princess, by Claire Smith
Ex Nihilo, by Daniel Kolbe Strange
The Den, by Chad Hensley
Audience at Sunset, by David Barker and W. H. Pugmire
"The Hound", by W. H. Pugmire
Note of the Executioner, by David Schembri
The Rim, by Chad Hensley
Dark Mirage, by Fred Phillips
In Cavernous Depths Yawning, by Randall D. Larson

The Hidden Pool, by George Sterling
Resurrection Night, by Benjamin De Casseres
The Angels, by Theodore de Banville
Three Prose Poems, by Lord Dunsany
A Night with the Boys, by Bruce Boston

To the Stars and Beyond, by Donald Sidney-Fryer
Ligotti on Sterling, by Thomas Ligotti
Petrifying Posey and Shivers in Verse, by Alan Gullette

[Cover art: Eugenio Lucas (1817-1870), Death Reading from a Human Lectern, Congregation in Background]

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