Monday, September 22, 2014

If I vanish for a wee while.........

If I vanish for a wee while from ye Internet, it is because my copies of YE NEW ANNOTATED H. P. LOVECRAFT have finally arriv'd.  My plan, my keen desire, is to enter into an intense study of the book, to examine Lovecrft's texts as I have never scrutinized them afore, and to makes notes in my ornate Commonplace Book on anything that particularly strikes me.  I want to be utterly consum'd in this fresh new study of the tales that are in this book, to approach them again as a student and to let them teach me the art of good writing.  Lovecraft is the world I want to live in entirely for the weeks (or months) requir'd for such an examination of the texts.  I then hope to use what I have glean'd in ye crafting of 50,000 words of new weird fiction for my forthcoming collection from Centipede Press.  Nu, I won't be active here or at Facebook if I can bring this plan to fruition.  I am hoping that my copies of the book will arrive in to-day's poft.  If so, I will add a wee video to this blog shewing ye hardcover edition of the book in all its nameless glory.  Shalom.

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  1. Thank you for the heads-up, WHP! This is going in the cart asap.