Monday, October 6, 2014

Great Yuggoth!!!!! Whut a book!!!!!!


  1. What a great book, I wish I could afford a copy of it! You should be very proud of your body of work.

  2. The book looks wonderful. Jerad is amazing. CP books are astounding - the most beautiful in my bookshelves. "Tangled Muse" remains my favourite. I have ordered this, along with Caitlin Kiernan's "Drowning Girl" - I always look forward to my CP parcels and love watching you open yours - I have bought books by Michaels Cisco and Shea on your enthusiastic openings - I am never disappointed. Congratulations on being on the same page as HPL! Hopefully Centipede Press will follow through with a $50 re-issue that will help many more attain this seminal Cthulhu Mythos work. Keep up ye Muse-ing, your enthusiasm enthuses! G :-)=