Sunday, February 8, 2015

Annie Lennox - Precious

It's strange the way an obsession can enter into one's mind and try to take root.  I've been watching ANGELS IN AMERICA all week-end, repeatedly, and it remains my all-time favourite film.  When I watch it I am fill'd with heartache and a potential for hope.  The film makes me regret the many wretched mistakes that I have made in life, & yet recognize that my errors and stupidity have helped to shape the person I am now, and that I can see them as brutal stepping stones to maturity and a kind of wisdom.

The writer in me is so enchanted with the film that I am fill'd with an ache to write a "definitive" angel story.  I have used angels in two or three of my tales (that I recall), but as I dwelt on the idea to-night it seem'd, more and more, a stupid idea, because I wanted to portray a typical angelic thing, with wings and all; & the traditional angel is, in fiction, as tired an idea as the romantic vampire.  Still, ye idea is there, gnawing at me potently; so perhaps I can change the idea into that of a creature resembling a harpy or some such.  Or maybe I shall simply shrug ye idea off and forget it, and simply dream about such a beast and the kind of influence it may have over me.  

Of course, being a Latter-day Saint, I believe in angels absolutely.  


  1. Rainer Maria Rilke said that all Angels are dangerous. In the film and graphic novel "Constantine", the Archangel Michael is shown as a vindictive and jealous entity not known for much forgiveness. I take Rilke's point ( I once had the honour to play Rilke on stage and became quite enamour'd of his verse and letters). I saw the play "Angels in America" at the Library Theatre, Manchester, England sometime about 1995 and it was astoundingly moving. I saw the film later. I can see how much in the play would resonate with you, and as humans, we all make choices and decisions that move our lives and those of others onto other paths. I am 'minded of George Michael's "Different Corner"... turn a different corner and we never would have met... I must get the dvd and watch the film again. Finally, all cultures have Angels as intervening spirits, entities, energetic force... they are in most cases invoked and evoked into being by fervent prayer or desire. Not always for an obvious good... as some used to say "This is for your own good..." Archangels Michael and Gabriel are included in the the holy books of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.
    "Our indiscretion sometime serves us well
    When our deep plots do pall; and that should learn us
    There's a divinity that shapes our ends,
    Rough-hew them how we will- " Hamlet Avt V Sc 2
    Hope all is well with you, sir. G. ;-)=

  2. The mention of a harpy makes me think of Ariel in THE TEMPEST as well--prhaps a Shakspearean tinge will flavour Ye portrayal...
    Scroll down to see Paul Woodroffe illos pofted by "Dark Muse'

    Myself i remain CALIBAN--