Monday, February 9, 2015

Dark Tales from Elder Regions


  1. Personal adornment is not trivial! :D


    1. It is (for me) compared to ye importance of Literature. For the majority of my adult life I have been known moftly for my outlandish queer-punk attire, especially before I had a car and replied on publick transit. I became semi-famous in Seattle because I looked like no one else and was instantly distinguishable. It is such fun being an exhibitionist, and as Quentin Crisp so wisely wrote, "Exhibitionism is a drug--you get hooked." But I began wearing lipstick and dresses at age five, and for me there has always been a childish innocence connected to dressing up, and a feeling of being utterly natural, true to my inner self. People ask why I dress up, and rarely seem to understand when I reply, "There is no 'reason'--this is who I am." I relate it to my obsessive need to write Lovecraftian weird fiction. People have tried to tell me, "Stopping trying to be Lovecraft--be yourself." And they don't understand me when I reply, "When I am Lovecraftian, I am MYSELF absolutely." At MythosCon we were invited, at one group meeting. to tell one important thing about ourselves, and I stood up and said, with effeminate emphasis, "I want to be remembered for my prose style, not my fashion sense." Got a bit laugh, so it did; but I was being absolutely truthful.

    2. "replied on publick transit" shou'd be "relied"....