Friday, May 22, 2015

On a T-Shirt at Last!

Just got this way cool new t-shirt from Ye H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society. This image of H. P. L. by Virgil Finlay is my absolute favourite. It has been oft reprinted, on such books as Lovecraft's Collected Essays (Hippocampus Press) and Selected Letters (Arkham House). Ye greatest Lovecraftian t-shirts may be found at HPLHS and I urge ye to check yem out at -- and while there, check out ye amazing series of Lovecraft radio dramas as well.

Life goes on here, but with too many distractions. The world seems always to be clutching me away from writing, and it's getting me down, sweet chums, cos I really want to find that peace of mind that makes writing possible, to find that artistic zone that requires complete silence and solitude in order to exist. In order to remove myself more completely from ye World, I have deactivated my Facebook account. I spend less and less time on Internet social sites. My perfect form of existence is to spend all of my time in my wonderful home, in this house that my parents had built when I was five years old, and in which I will nigh spend ye rest of my life. I sit in my mother's recliner, put up ye foot-rest, and spend hours at a time reading. It's wonderful. Then, if I feel inspir'd, I do a bit of writing. I try and write some wee thing every day, or work on something. It's a lovely way to end one's life, this Literary existence.

So saying, I leave ye nigh and return to my book....


  1. Hope you forgive one intruding upon your Happy Valley of Amhara: merely wanted to express regret at not having being able to follow your exploits these last few months.

  2. I've deleted my Facebook account and thus am encouraging people to follow me here at this blog, where I will try to be more active. Trying to limit my online time so that I can concentrate more fully on writing the new books. Ye Internet is just too alluring, and instead of working on the new book I find myself watching Streisand videos or cool movies on YouTube.

  3. Your new found freedom sounds sublime and you have even acquired your recliner back from the cat...I for one will check this site weekly. Very grateful that you still have some sort of online presence.