Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Book Now Available

Ye new book is available for ordering from Ye deluxe edition has already sold out, but ye trade hardcover is quite handsome. The book includes stories written in collaboration with David and myself, and tales that we wrote individually. The title story is entirely set in Lovecraft's dreamlands and is a novella of 25,000 words. Another new collaboration, "The Stairway in the Crypt," is a lengthy novelette with overtures of Poe. "A Presence of the Past" is my 11,600 word "version" of H. P. Lovecraft's "The Lurking Fear," set in Sesqua Valley. 

"The Stairway in the Crypt" (David & Wilum)
"Your Ivory Hollow" (Wilum)
"Among the Ghouls" (David)
"A Thousand Smokes" (Wilum)
"The Temple of the Worm" (David)
"An Eidolon of Filth" (Wilum)
"The Urns" (David)
"Through Sunset's Gate" (Wilum)
"The Recluse" (David)
"An Unearthly Awakening" (Wilum)
"The Stone of Ubbo-Sathla" (David)
"Within One Ruined Realm" (Wilum)
"In the Gulfs of Dream" (David & Wilum)
"A Dweller in Martian Darkness" (David)
"O Lad of Memory and Shadow" (Wilum)
"Mural" (David)
"Midnight Mushrumps" (Wilum)
"The Ghoul God's Bride" (David)
"Elder Instincts" (Wilum)
"The One Dark Thought of Nib-Z'gat" (David)
"Decent into Shadow and Light" (Wilum)
"The Dead City" (David)
"The Quickening of Ursula Sphinx" (Wilum)
"The Horror in the Library" (David)
"A Presence of the Past" (Wilum)
"The Grasses of Mahspe" (David)

Ye book is handsome indeed, as are all titles from Dark Renaissance Books, with solid binding, good paper and printing, and superb art by Erin Wells. 

Ye one damper is that I shall have yet another new book publish'd next month or in August, and I dislike having books publish'd too closely together. Ah well. The two books are quite different from each other, and ye next book, Monstrous Aftermath, to be publish'd by Hippocampus Press, is entirely my own writing and includes ye new revised & expanded 40,000 word version of "Some Unknown Gulf of Night". It has been illustrated by ye remarkable Matthew Jaffe, and here is a wee peek at ye front cover image. The next book's title is taken from H. P. Lovecraft's Fungi from Yuggoth, and as an added bonus, Lovecraft's entire sonnet sequence is included as a kind of appendix. "Some Unknown Gulf of Night," of course, is a series of prose poems and vignettes that are my personal prose responses to each and every sonnet in Lovecraft's sequence. As soon as Monstrous Aftermath is available to order or pre-order, I will add a wee comment saying so to this blog.


  1. Ordered and looking forward to reading this tome - appreciating the absinthe-infused art! G. ;-)=