Thursday, July 16, 2015

cover completed and S. T.'s revised CTHULHU MYTHOS

One of ye really exciting aspects of being an author is to see how one's new book is going to appear. Front covers are especially important, as they can help allure ye innocent potential-reader. I must say that I am very happy with this completed cover for my next book, whut shou'd be releas'd within ye next few weeks. The image is from the new revised/expanded version of Some Unknown Gulf of Night, in which I have depicted a meeting between my recurring character, Marceline Dubois (who may be a semi-mortal half-sister to Nyarlathotep) and Richard Upton Pickman in his dreamland ghoul-state. I am particularly pleas'd with the red lettering, both hue and style, of the book title. I asked Derrick to place the sub-title, "Stories in the Lovecraftian Tradition," on ye cover as well. I consider this ye finest collection of my work thus far--moftly because it is all relatively new writing--no wanky old stuff, being a collection of things written from 2011 to ye present. The book will make its debut at NecronomiCon Providence 2015; and although I won't be attending that convention, the book's illustration, Matthew Jaffe, will be there and thus able to sign your copies. Indeed, Derrick's Hippocampus Press table in ye dealer's room will probably be spectacular, as he has so many magnificent titles coming forth this summer.

Work on new fiction goes very slowly; but the hot summer weather, which rather drains me of energy, has cooled deliciously, and I have been working on the final two new original tales for my forthcoming collection from Centipede Press, An Ecstasy of Fear and Others. After those two tales are completed, I begin work on the new stories for my books with Jeffrey Thomas (of Enoch Coffin tales) and Henry J. Vester III (an entire book of works inspir'd by Clark Ashton Smith). To ensure total concentration of the completion of these new books, I am refusing all incoming invitations to submit new tales to anthologies. I need to keep my mind uncluttered and focus on the creation of my new books.

I find that I am utterly obsess'd with the new attention given to Pluto.

Also to be publish'd by Hippocampus Press next month is ye revised/expanded edition of S. T.'s examination of modern Mythos fiction, now with an updated title that points to Joshi's realization that ye Mythos is not dead & still dreaming. 

"In this new edition, extensively revised and expanded, Joshi continues to explore the myriad ways in which writers of all different sorts have elaborated upon the themes, conceptions, and imagery found in Lovecraft's writing. This edition includes several new chapters on Mythos novels and tales written over the past two decades. Caitlin R. Kiernan has emerged as a leading author of Lovecraftian fiction, fusing her own distinctive idiom with Lovecraft's central motifs to produce work of scintillating vibrancy. Jonathan Thomas, in stories like 'Tempting Providence' and the novel The Color over Occam (2011), has also done outstanding work, as have such diverse writers as Donald Tyson, Ann K. Schwader, Cody Goodfellow, W. H. Pugmire, and many others. Anthologists such as Paula Guran, Stephen Jones, and Joshi himself have enticed some of the best writers of contemporary weird fiction to write original tales employing the Lovecraft idiom, with spectacular results."

I. Anticipations
II. The Lovecraft Mythos: Emergence
III. The Lovecraft Mythos: Expansion
IV. Contemporaries: Peers
V. Contemporaries: Scions
VI. The Derleth Mythos
VII. Interregnum
VIII. The Scholarly Revolution
IX. Recrudescence
X. Resurgence

357 pages, with cover art by Jason C. Eckhardt.


  1. Love the cover of "Monstrous Aftermath" - so looking forward to reading your new work - as always... May the Muse smile kindly on you. G ;-)=

  2. Konrad YarbroughJuly 17, 2015 at 8:03 PM

    The collection with Mr Vester... Would Averoigne happen to be amongst the locales?

    1. It's possible--but I am experimenting with creating my own region in ye CAS tradition, called Khroyd'hon.