Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lovecraft Fungi de Yuggoth

I have absolutely no clue why ye audio on my current videos is so low. It's best to use headphones when watching. I'll try to figure the problem out on YouTube, but will probably make things worse.....

Contents of ye fabulous second audio disc:
music by Harold Farnese:
Mirage (1932), piano
Mirage (1932), piano and soprano Maria Jette
The Elder Pharos (1932), piano
The Elder Pharos (1932), piano and soprano Maria Jette
Elegy for H. P. Lovecraft (1937), piano
music by Alfred Galpin:
Lament for H. P. Lovecraft (1937), piano
music by Jonathan Adams:
The Ancient Track (2010), choral
Sunset (2010), piano and choral
music by Paul Dice:
The Festival (1987), piano
The Will of Erich Zann (1988), instrumental and vocal
music by Del Merritt:
a Celtic band rendition of ye "Drinking Song" from H. P. Lovecraft's "The Tomb"


  1. We really like the Mi-Go (the Fungi from Yuggloth"....
    ...sorry but we speak no French...

  2. We really enjoy your love of all things "Lovecraft" ... and you post may great "things" '''
    A great day to you...
    by the way we do Not judge people on their "Life Choices"... just whatever make you "happy" in this Miserable world,,,
    ... Have a pleasant evening.. and keep up these wonderful posts...