Friday, August 14, 2015

have fun in Providence, my sweets

Been reading a bit in Ross's new anthology, so I have, and quite enjoy ye tales that I have thus far perus'd. Read over me own story, and it pleases me except for some bits near ye end; so if I ever include it in one of me own collections, I'll have to revise that ending. My story was inspir'd by my adventures in Providence during NecronomiCon Providence 2013, & reading it again brought back fond memories of my time there. I'm a bit sad, knowing I am going to miss so much eldritch fun at this month's convention in Providence; but I also know that, due to my lousy health & lack of energy, that I wou'd be quite worn-out if I attended. I am unable to walk for long stretches; something is wrong with my left ankle (I've asked doctors about it and none have any answers; I assume the pain might be connected to blood circulation and my heart disease, but I cannot say for certain), and if I walk on it for longer than ten minutes I am in horrible pain. This was moft evident when last I visited Providence and wander'd around one beloved burying ground. 

What doesn't shew in the above video is that I am in intense pain when walking. It is moftly because of this ailment that I will not be in Providence this month. For me, part of the joy of being in Providence or Boston is to be able to walk the streets where Lovecraft, Poe, and Henry James walked. The last time I was in Boston I couldn't resist haunting Beacon Hill, despite the cruel physical pain thus suffer'd. Too, this month's convention in Providence is scatter'd, ye dealer's room, for example, being in a separate building from ye Biltmore; thus it wou'd require walking from one point of activity to another. No can do, my ducks.

Yet still, to-day, I am feeling my absence from this future event, because I just printed out ye "All Additional Programming" listing, and I see that Ramsey Campbell will be delivering an address at ye opening ceremony whut will take place at ye First Baptist Church. Oh, my dears--my happiest moments in Providence in 2013 were sitting in that magnificent church and listening to S. T.'s delightful opening speech. 

In some of the high shots in the video you can see me, with my stupid "punk rock" hair, sitting next to Mary, S. T.'s wife. It was listening to that speech as I sat within that Lovecraftian-sacred space that inspir'd ye story I wrote for Ross and Cthulhu Fhtagn!. So I will be thinking of y'all who will be in Providence for ye convention. S. T. and Mary leave to-morrow, for an extended holiday on ye East Coast, ye climax of which will be attending NecronomiCon. S. T. got his copies of H. P. Lovecraft's Collected Fiction: A Variorum Edition--but with so much on his mind, he quite forgot that I wanted to purchase a copy from him; so I went ahead and order'd ye set from Derrick, & hope to see it in my paws within ye fortnight. Derrick will be selling copies at his dealer's table at NecronomiCon--along with copies of my newest book:

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