Friday, September 25, 2015

new Centipede Press book completed

It took me forever, but I have finally finish'd writing the final new story for my forthcoming book from Centipede Press. The story is call'd "Pickman's Lazarus", and comes to 4,660 words. Yes, I did hesitate before writing yet another story inspir'd by "Pickman's Model"; but I know that when an idea becomes so firmly planted inside my skull, it is useless to resist, & ye idea will plague me mentally until I exorcise it from my brain by writing it in fictional form. The story is in two parts: the first is set in ye past, and is told in third-person; ye second part is set in modern time, and told in first-person narrative. I sent it to the book's editor, S. T. Joshi, this morning, and he called it an "excellent story", so that pleases me and makes me feel that I ain't tediously draining my Pickmanesque inspiration.

I have no idea when Jerad will bring ye book out, but I suspect it will be some time in 2018. Here is ye entire Contents:


by W. H. Pugmire ~~ Centipede Press
"Underneath an Arkham Moon" (in collaboration with Jessica Amanda Salmonson)
"These Black Winged Ones"
"Gathered Dust"
"An Ecstasy of Fear"
"Let Us Wash This Thing"
"Letters from an Old Gent"
"The Imps of Innsmouth"
"Smooth Artifact of Bone"
"Some Unknown Gulf of Night"
"An Identity in Dream"
"Hempen Rope"
"Chamber of Dreams"
"Unhallowed Places"
"House of Legend"
"A Shadow of Your Own Design"
"To See Beyond"
"A Quest of Dream"
"Pickman's Lazarus"

I am also hoping to persuade S. T. to write some kind of introduction, perhaps entitled "Some Words from ye Editor" or some such. 

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