Wednesday, November 11, 2015

H. P. LOVECRAFT's Annotated Fungi from Yuggoth

This is a forthcoming book from Hippocampus Press, and is not yet available for pre-order. It was, perhaps, imprudent to shew this arc and get y'all key'd-up about when ye book will be publish'd, &c--but I couldn't help meself, the book has me so excited! Each of the sonnets will have its own wee illustration, and the prose fragment that Lovecraft left unfinish'd, in which he seem'd to try and write out the sonnets in short story form, is included in ye book. Here is an audio reading of that story fragment whut I found on YouTube:

I suppose it was predictable & inevitable--but to-night's reading of ye ARC for The Annotated Fungi from Yuggoth has inspir'd me to begin a new commonplace book in which to scribble a renew'd attempt at my own new cycle of Lovecraftian sonnets.


  1. That whets our appetite - thank you for the advance notice! One on my list for next year, I think. G. ;-)=